Choosing the best car insurance policy can be a bit of a pain, if you aren’t certain of what you ought to be shopping for. Many buyers simply find yourself choosing one of the primary motor insurance companies they come across, since they simply didn’t wish to take time to find the correct coverage. They know they could conserve money when they looked just a little further, but sometimes the savings just doesn’t seem to be worth the hassle. However, in the event that you simply ask yourself the questions below this selection of car insurance companies, you will find just the right policy.

Featured Company – MiWay Insurance

Listed here is a listing of motor insurance Companies in South Africa. As you can plainly see it is a very long list which will equate into loads of choice for you the consumer.

  1. AIG South Africa Limited
  2. Alexander Forbes Group (Pty) Ltd
  3. Alexander Forbes Insurance Provider Ltd
  4. Auto and General Insurance Limited
  5. BOE Insurance Carrier Limited
  6. Compass Insurance Company Limited
  7. Constantia Insurance Provider Limited
  8. Customer Protection Insurance Company Limited
  9. Dial Direct Insurance Carrier Limited
  10. Emerald Insurance Provider Limited
  11. Guardrisk Insurance Provider Limited
  12. Hollard Insurance Company Limited
  13. Hollard Pay As You Drive
  14. King Price Insurance
  15. MiWay Insurance Limited
  16. Monarch Insurance Provider Limited
  17. MUA Insurance Company
  18. Mutual and Federal Insurance Provider Limited
  19. National Insurers Limited
  20. Nedcor Insurance Provider Limited
  21. Nedinsurance Company Limited
  22. New National Assurance Company Limited
  23. Nova Risk Insurance Carrier Limited
  24. Outsurance Insurance Carrier Limited
  25. Pinnafrica Insurance Carrier Limited
  26. Rand Mutual Assurance Company Limited
  27. Relyant Insurance Company Limited
  28. Renasa Insurance Carrier Limited
  29. SA Eagle Insurance Company Limited
  30. Safire Insurance Carrier Limited
  31. Santam Limited
  32. Sentrasure Limited
  33. Stanbic Insurance Limited
  34. Standard Insurance Limited
  35. Unitrans Insurance Company Limited
  36. Youi

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